columbarium rendering

For centuries, Christians have honored their loved ones with dignified final resting places in churchyards on their grounds. In this tradition, WUMC provides a place of repose and remembrance where one can peacefully meditate upon the lives of those who have died.

The columbarium is an integral part of WUMC'S ministry at the end of life. It provides a beautiful, meaningful place where members and their families can proceed directly from a memorial service to inurn a loved one near their church home. In celebration of God's everlasting promise, the columbarium provides spiritual comfort and a permanent place to contemplate life eternal.

The Columbarium

The word columbarium comes from the Latin word, "columba," meaning dove. It originally referred to a dovecote, a structure with many separate entrances and compartments, used for housing domestic pigeons. In Roman times it came to mean compartments for keeping cinerary urns. At Woodlawn the columbarium was conceived as an extension of WUMC’s end of life ministry in the tradition of an old-fashioned churchyard. It consist of landscaped area and walkway, a columbarium, a structure, and a memorial wall made up of many niches. The columbarium is owned by the church, and is operated and maintained subject to the rules adopted by the church. The WUMC Columbarium has 176 niches, or compartments, where urns containing cremated remains are inurned. Each niche has the capacity to hold two urns. The niches are sealed with engraved stone fronts showing the name and life dates of those inurned.

Terms of Sale

The Columbarium niches are available to current WUMC members and their families. There is an introductory price for the first 100 niches sold. After the first 100 are  sold, there will be a 20% price increase.

Pricing includes

  • niche,
  • choice of niche location,
  • opening and closing of the inurnment space,
  • record-keeping,
  • and maintenance in perpetuity.

It DOES NOT include

  • engravings,
  • urns,
  • the cost of cremation,
  • the memorial service,
  • nor the honoraria for pastor and musicians.

We encourage WUMC members to make arrangements as a part of end-of-life planning in conjunction with pastoral consultation.

For more information, details, or to arrange for purchase of a niche, download the procedures and application packet below and/or contact the church office at 850-234-3196.